Be Fierce, Be Confident Shirt


Rock the Be Fierce, Be Confident shirt reminding yourself and all who greet to be confident in the skin you are in! Encourage yourself, encourage your sister!

FIERCE: Female Icons Encouraging Real Concepts of Empowerment.

On finding her voice: “It had to be [when I was] very young, but I’m sure I wasn’t cognizant of it at the time. And I think that I was one of the fortunate women who found my voice early because I had an older brother, and I was very close to my father — and to my mother too. I was always involved in discussions at the dinner table, and I was always neck and neck with my brother whenever there was an activity. So if my father was playing catch with my brother, I was right there. If he taught him how to box, he taught me how to box. I had this wonderful reinforcement from the men in my life, even though my mom was always somebody who encouraged both of us to express our ideas — she talked to us as if we were little people and not babies or kids.” — Michelle Obama Women’s Health, August 2012